George Zokle, Democrat for Delegate in District 20, is proud to have earned the following endorsements:

United States Congressman Tim Ryan (Democrat- OH-13)

“I am proud to endorse George in his race for the Maryland House of Delegates. Effective government that is responsive to all people starts at the local level. If we want to have lasting Democratic majorities in Congress, we need to make sure we are active in securing state offices as well. George has been a thoughtful leader his entire career and will make a wonderful Maryland State Delegate. He will represent his constituents well and work tirelessly to keep the economic interests of hardworking families at the forefront of the public debate.”

Maryland LGBT PAC

Pride Fund To End Gun Violence

Charles County President of the Board of Commissioners Peter Murphy

“I spent eight years representing my constituents in Annapolis and I know that George has what it takes to get things done for Silver Spring and Takoma Park. My time serving as President of the Charles County Board of Commissioners reminds me that building a better Maryland depends on effective cooperation among our regional, state and local governments. George’s approach to a regional economy will help working families through the exploration of regional job opportunities, the development of transportation alternatives, and the desire to improve our environment and fight climate change. As someone with a background in counseling and mental health services, I commend George’s past efforts as the Legal Representative for the Montgomery County Mental Health Association, where he lobbied hard for the Keep the Door Open Act. As a foster parent, I admire George’s past efforts on the County Children’s panel where he advocated for affordable housing options for foster youth entering adulthood attached to senior citizen housing options. I’ve also worked hard on the Charles County AIDS Task Force. Losing a loved one to AIDS as George did indeed leaves a lasting effect on someone. He is a champion of the LGBTQ community and vigorously stands up to hate to improve civil rights. There are many reasons to support George Zokle’s candidacy. The fact that he would become District 20’s first gay male Delegate is only one of them. Join me in helping get George elected this coming June. You will gain a powerful and meaningful voice for our state and our region.”

Virginia Delegate Mark Levine (Alexandria-D45)

“Transparency in government is essential so that constituents remain informed about the issues that matter most. As Founder of the Virginia Transparency Caucus, I’ve worked hard in Virginia to ensure that all committee hearings are live-streamed and archived for all who wish to view them and that no votes are cast in secret. I know George will fight for similar transparency initiatives in Annapolis. Additionally, George’s regional approach to governance will help ease the burdens on hard-working families as they relate to transportation and a stimulated regional economy. I hope to work with George and build stronger Virginia/Maryland partnerships. Please elect him June 26.”

Montgomery County Health Care Activist Mark Madaleno Hodge

“I am a proud nurse and healthcare professional in Montgomery County and I endorse George Zokle for District 20 Delegate. George understands the need to support nurses, like his sister Kerri, and he advocates for increased support for healthcare professionals and fair scheduling practices so all families and individuals can plan their lives in advance, both in and out of hospitals. A vote for George is a vote for stronger mental and physical health resources to achieve social and economic justice. Elect Zokle on June 26.”

Ada Villatoro, Owner of El Golfo Restaurant in Silver Spring

“I am the proud owner of El Golfo restaurant in Silver Spring. Through hard work and community engagement, my restaurant continues to thrive in our diverse community. Diversity and inclusion are imperative during Trump-era politics and we must start at the local level to lift up the Latino and other diverse communities.  I support George Zokle for the Maryland House of Delegates because of his vision related to Social & Economic Justice, Cultural Awareness, and the Environment.  George wants to apply cultural awareness programs toward government services so people know how to access them. He also wants to enhance our state’s Minority Business Enterprise program so women and minorities can continue to thrive in Maryland. Please join me in voting for George this coming June.”

South Silver Spring Activist and Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee Candidate, Justin Chappell

“I support George for the House of Delegates because he understands the need to strengthen laws that protect persons with disabilities.  He fought for these issues when he was the Legal Representative for the County’s Mental Health Association.  Additionally, George is a leading activist in the area’s LGBTQ community; he has an actual track record of success stemming from years of service. He lobbied for Marriage Equality legislation, founded a sports league that includes District 20 residents, organizes non-stop for the Maryland Democratic Party, and, like me, supports public financing for state elections.  I strongly urge you to cast your vote for him this coming June.”

Silver Spring LGBT Organizer and Activist Rich Petersen

“George Zokle defines Vitality and Responsiveness. I support his candidacy for the House of Delegates because of his leadership and proven track record of serving District 20 in a number of organizations. He will fight for my neighbors in Woodmoor and White Oak to improve transit options, advocate for Seniors, better education, and boost our local economy. George has stamina, drive, and the desire to make things happen. And – making it happen – he does. Early Voting is June 14-21. Go Vote.”

(Rich Petersen is pictured below 2nd from the left)

Marcello Minna, Owner of Trattoria da Lina in Takoma Park

Lok Tiwari, Owner of Ghar-E-Kabob in Silver Spring

Adolfo Mendez and Rocio Anzola, Owners of Cubano’s in Silver Spring

Earned “GunSense” Status of Moms Demand Action

And many more District 20 Residents to Follow…