Silver Spring Leader and Organizer Rich Petersen Endorses George Zokle for the House of Delegates

May 23, 2018

Long-time Silver Spring Activist and Community Organizer, Rich Petersen, endorsed George Zokle today. Rich stressed the fact of George’s determination and grit addressing the issues that matter most to residents in White Oak and Woodmoor in the quest to achieve Social & Economic Justice, Cultural Awareness and Environmental Justice. Rich also believes that it is time for District 20 to elect its first openly-gay male Delegate. Please join Rich and his team of supporters in voting for George Zokle this coming June.

“George Zokle defines Vitality and Responsiveness. I support his candidacy for the House of Delegates because of his leadership and proven track record of serving District 20 in a number of organizations. He will fight for my neighbors in Woodmoor and White Oak to improve transit options, advocate for Seniors, better education, and boost our local economy. George has stamina, drive, and the desire to make things happen. And – making it happen – he does. Early Voting is June 14-21. Go Vote.”

(Rich Petersen is pictured below 2nd from the left)

Pride Fund to End Gun Violence Endorses George Zokle

May 22, 2018

Pride Fund to End Gun Violence – America’s only national LGBTQ political organization focused solely on gun violence prevention – today announced its endorsement of four gun reform and LGBTQ champions in Maryland state elections: Rich Madaleno for Governor, George Zokle in House District 20, Kevin Mack in House District 15, and Dana Beyer for State Senate in District 18. Pride Fund endorsed these candidates because they stand for the core principles of Pride Fund – advancing commonsense gun reform and LGBTQ equality. If elected, Zokle would become the first openly gay male to represent legislative District 20. His advocacy for gun reform measures and LGBTQ issues go unmatched, and his personal story of surviving gun violence during a home invasion makes his advocacy all the more relevant.

“I am running for the Maryland House of Delegates to change the way government works in Annapolis to achieve Social Justice. Social Justice includes responsible gun reform laws that remove firearms out of the hands of domestic abusers, require background checks for individuals seeking a firearm, analyze the effects of gun violence on society through various studies, and promote mental health awareness. Not only am I an advocate of gun reform laws, I am also a survivor of gun violence. If elected, I will help Maryland lead our nation in the quest to change the way gun violence is viewed in our state and across the country,” said Zokle.

South Silver Spring Activist Justin Chappell Endorses Zokle for Delegate

May 16, 2018

Long-time Silver Spring Democratic Activist and Candidate for the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee, Justin Chappell, endorsed George Zokle for the House of Delegates today.  A fierce advocate for persons with disabilities and the LGBTQ community, Mr. Chappell has served on a number of advisory boards in Montgomery County and has worked for Respectability, AFSCME, U.S. Senator Tom Harkin (IA), and as case manager for Montgomery County’s low income families. Mr. Chappell released the following statement about George Zokle:

“I support George for the House of Delegates because he understands the need to strengthen laws that protect persons with disabilities.  He fought for these issues when he was the Legal Representative for the County’s Mental Health Association.  Additionally, George is a leading activist in the area’s LGBTQ community; he has an actual track record of success stemming from years of service. He lobbied for Marriage Equality legislation, founded a sports league that includes District 20 residents, organizes non-stop for the Maryland Democratic Party, and, like me, supports public financing for state elections.  I strongly urge you to cast your vote for him this coming June.”

Moms Demand Action Issues Zokle “Gun Sense Candidate” Status

May 11, 2018

Moms Demand Action, a non-profit founded after the Sandy Hook mass shooting which advocates for gun reform laws nation wide, awarded George Zokle with Gun Sense Candidate Distinction earlier this week. Zokle is a strong advocate for reforming gun laws in Maryland to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and other individuals who should not possess firearms.  Having lived through gun violence himself, George forever advocates for strict gun laws and safer environments in our homes, schools, and neighborhoods.

Zokle Releases Statement on Tragic Passing of Kevin Kamenetz

May 10, 2018

Baltimore County Executive and Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Kevin Kamenetz passed away unexpectedly in the early hours of Thursday morning. A husband, father, attorney, and public servant, Mr. Kamenetz will leave behind a legacy of public service for all Marylanders to follow.  The Zokle campaign released the following statement:

Kevin Kamenetz was a champion for families all across Maryland.  His passing is absolutely shocking for many, especially those in the Democratic Party. Prayers are being sent to his family, his colleagues, and the wonderful team of staffers  who have spent countless hours dedicated to his campaign. May the healing process for family, friends, and community members be one full of good memories during this incredibly difficult time.” 

United States Congressman Tim Ryan Endorses George Zokle

April 22, 2018

Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH-13) announced his endorsement of George Zokle today.  Rep. Tim Ryan was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2002. He currently serves on the House Appropriations Committee and as Co-Chair of the following Congressional Caucuses: the Congressional Manufacturing Caucus, Military Mental Health Caucus, and the Addiction Treatment and Recovery Caucus. Both Congressman Ryan and George are fully committed to fighting for labor, the right to organize, LGBTQ rights, and fighting income inequality. Early voting starts June 14 and the Primary Election is June 26. Congressman Ryan asks that you support George so together we can achieve social and economic justice, cultural awareness, and environmental justice.

“I am proud to endorse George in his race for the Maryland House of Delegates. Effective government that is responsive to all people starts at the local level. If we want to have lasting Democratic majorities in Congress, we need to make sure we are active in securing state offices as well. George has been a thoughtful leader his entire career and will make a wonderful Maryland State Delegate. He will represent his constituents well and work tirelessly to keep the economic interests of hardworking families at the forefront of the public debate,” said Congressman Ryan.

Supporters Gather to Celebrate LGBTQ Rights

March 19, 2018

George Zokle’s supporters gathered on Sunday, March 19 at the historic Stonewall Inn in New York City to discuss George’s priorities and issues that matter most to both Marylanders and New Yorkers.  George called upon citizens from both states to demand that our state governments pass stricter gun control measures.  He also discussed his vision for LGBT and Minority Businesses and what District 20 can do to boost our local economy.  Pledging to change the way our state government works, George touched upon the need for government reform and concluded with remarks about adopting new Environmental standards so our states go greener.

Public Interest Podcast Endorses Zokle for Delegate

March 15, 2018

Public Interest Podcast, a Montgomery County-based organization that advocates for government reform in Annapolis, announced the endorsement today of George Zokle’s campaign for the House of Delegates in District 20. The organization strives to empower voters and create positive associations with public service. This mission is aligned with George’s vision to change how government works for residents in Silver Spring and Takoma Park.  Social Justice means more power placed in the hands of our citizens rather than a select number of individuals.  Please join our campaign moving forward to make this change happen.

George Zokle Launches Campaign for the House of Delegates

March 14, 2018

On Saturday, March 10, George Zokle launched his campaign to represent District 20 in the House of Delegates. Surrounded by supporters, George discussed how we can make government work better for citizens in Silver Spring and Takoma Park. His priorities include Social & Economic Justice, Cultural Awareness, and the Environment.  Despite the cold weather, volunteers and supporters enjoyed grilling outside with the campaign. George looks forward to many more cookouts before the June 26 primary and cordially invites you to join his team. Please visit for updates.