Times have changed, and not for the good. Many residents in District 20 and throughout Maryland had their voices stolen from them. Our republican-controlled federal government is complicit in the spread of discrimination against women, immigrants, minorities, and the LGBTQ community when society demands that discrimination must be entirely eliminated. This “majority” chooses to remain silent as innocent children are massacred from gun violence for the sake of deepening the “majority’s” own campaign pocketbooks. We can reverse this trend if District 20 refuses to sit by while this evil spreads within our borders.  Change happens when we unite our local community and shift our focus to our schools, our economy, our environment, our diverse population, and our hearts. This spirit of hatred is why George promises to fight for Social & Economic Justice, which serves as an umbrella for bettering education, bringing jobs to District 20, fighting climate change, and investing in transportation.  This priority also includes a pledge to make stricter gun control measures a reality.  Finding innovative ways to pay for new programs is critical when an establishment state like Maryland gives our Governor too much budgetary power, allows our legislature to look out for their own interests ahead of their constituents, and robs citizens of a true democracy. Together, we must strive to fix these federal and state problems because many of our leaders are doing nothing more than holding District 20 back in an era where “forward” is the only option.


Silver Spring and Takoma Park are two of the most diverse communities our state and country have to offer.  Don’t just take our campaign’s word, we invite you to sit in Veterans Plaza and witness our diversity yourself.  With many individuals from many different places speaking multiple languages, District 20 has a little bit of everything.  Immigrants drive our local population at a time when our federal immigration system has clearly failed us. Therefore, it is our responsibility to create a safer multi-cultural environment for everyone to thrive regardless of background.  We can create this environment through cultural competency initiatives which allow individuals from all walks of life to benefit from state services in order to understand how to access health care (including mental health), receive a quality education from Universal Pre-K through College, utilize transit opportunities, and participate in environmental justice to fight climate change.


Perhaps the greatest obstacle we must overcome is protecting the environment in which we live.  Whether we are urban-centered or located in suburban neighborhoods, environmental initiatives and climate resilience must pave the way to conquer climate change and create greener alternatives to pollution.  Investing in transit options that reduce our carbon footprint, creating solar panel co-ops and green roofing, and preserving local agriculture to allow small businesses to thrive are only a few approaches District 20 can take advantage of in order to seek environmental justice.  Recycling isn’t the only answer when trying to protect the environment. Creativity is required when District 20 is faced with the challenges of fewer state and federal resources that threaten our neighborhoods and our Chesapeake Bay. We will accomplish this through educational, cultural, and private/public partnerships that foster a pollution-free atmosphere to achieve environmental justice. This philosophy includes “no fracking” and protecting our shorelines.  George will walk this talk if elected to the House of Delegates and serve District 20 constituents according to the environmental issues that matter most to them. Together, we will build a better environment for a greater future.