March 15, 2018 – Welcome to the Amazon Jungle?

Perhaps some of the most uncertain circumstances in Montgomery County rest upon Amazon’s decision to select a location for a new headquarters.  With Discovery Communications Headquarters leaving District 20, many residents are stuck between the frustrations of losing jobs and the price tag associated with gaining new jobs at a rapid pace.  Should Amazon select Montgomery County as the location of its new headquarters, locals won’t hold back concerns.  I’ve attended a number of public forums in the past months where Amazon dominated the discussion. Will our already traffic-congested community have the resources for transit demands if Amazon comes? Will this affect the county and state budgets for Montgomery County’s overcrowded schools? Can we attract Amazon, create new jobs, and achieve success for all parties involved? These are questions that citizens want to be answered sooner than later.  Of course, with the departure of Discovery Communications from the heart of District 20, many residents suggest that Amazon can easily move into Discovery’s vacant office space.  Is this the right move? You tell me. Please contact our campaign and be on the lookout for an upcoming forum surrounding our strategy to bring Amazon to Montgomery County.

March 10, 2018 – A New Beginning

It’s late at night and, to be honest, I am finding it difficult to sleep because of my excitement.  I am about to take a big step later this afternoon and officially launch my campaign for the Maryland House of Delegates.  This is my very first blog post, or “Reflection,” related to this journey and I would like to share with you an essay I wrote earlier this year that was instrumental in my desire to represent the citizens of District 20:

Expectations With Uncertainty – January 19, 2018

By: George Zokle

Someone once told me that expectations are a breeding ground for resentments. Like many, I’ve experienced thousands of resentments between childhood and accumulating gray hairs (which I tend to pluck when I’m afraid to admit that I’ve aged). My resentments occur when I fail to become comfortable during times of uncertainty or when I try to have control over situations in order to make things “fit” when reality tells me the opposite. Managing uncertainty requires becoming vulnerable despite the risks associated with doing so. Vulnerability is scary; you might break your heart, hurt other people, or feel ashamed or embarrassed. However, shame and embarrassment should never prevent you from achieving the best version of yourself.

Below is a series of lessons I’ve learned about not having expectations during times of uncertainty. These are not new and novel concepts. If you’ve heard these lessons before, I hope that you practice them.

First, believe and actually practice the principle that what other people think is none of your business. Next, dance like no one is watching, but then create your own stage and pretend that everyone is watching while dancing even faster.

Rather than becoming stuck in situations that fail to deliver instant gratification, pivot and move forward in a different direction because you are always surrounded by multiple lights at the end of many tunnels to choose from.

Your only worry in the world should be what lies directly in front of you at this very moment. Have no regrets about your past, but wear your scars on your sleeve as reminders that the past was real.

Rid yourself of polluted pride because it gives others the wrong impression. However, don’t supplement pride with self-pity because self-pity is merely pride in reverse. Find the happy medium; this is called gratitude. Gratitude happens when you provide service to other people, including those who hurt you in the past, and even to strangers you may never see again. Always remember that people have long memories and acts of service tend to top their list of remembrances.  Don’t dwell on your bad memories, replace bad memories with good ones.

Apply these lessons within every aspect of your life. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re deficient in some areas one day, because tomorrow you can always fight back three times harder. Stop asking “why” and just “do.”

Love always comes first and hope comes second. When hope turns into failure, don’t panic. Sometimes you have to lose to know how to win.

When someone angers or humiliates you, take a deep breath, drop to your knees, and pray really hard so that person gets what they want out of life. Never maintain an instinct to humiliate other people. If praying isn’t your thing because you don’t believe in God, then you must always believe that something greater than yourself exists that wants you to thrive, succeed, and live.

Follow these lessons and your expectations with uncertainty just might become a little more certain.